Photo Becho Releases: Model Ethnicity Guide

Tips for filling in the ethnicity portion of Photo Becho's model release form

With the Photo Becho Model Release form, contributors have the option to indicate the ethnicity of each model. Some of our clients require model ethnicity information for legal reasons, so we encourage you to provide it where possible.

Please refer to the following guidelines when filling in the Model Ethnicity section of the release form.

  • African
  • African American - Individuals from the USA with African ancestry
  • Black Individuals of African ancestry. (Includes African & African-American)
  • Brazilian
  • Chinese
  • Caucasian - Individuals who are white<>
  • East Asian
  • Hispanic / Latin - Spanish-speaking individuals from Latin America
  • Japanese
  • Middle Eastern - Individuals from Iran, Turkey, and Egypt, as well as the Arabian Peninsula and Fertile Crescent regions.
  • Native American - Individuals indigenous to the Americas
  • Pacific Islander - Individuals from Oceania (a group of islands located in the Pacific)
  • South Asian
  • Southeast Asian

For more information about model releases, please see Photo Becho Model Release Requirements. Release forms can be downloaded from our Legal Center.