New to Photo Becho?

Photo Becho is a stock photo website and app that helps everyone who is looking to find great photos that can be downloaded and used for commercial/editorial purposes. If you see a photo you like, simply download it.
If you'd like to contribute your work to Photo Becho, we accept photos from everyone.

Yes, all photos on Photo Becho can be used for commercial use. You can use them on your commercial website, blog, product, or anywhere else.
Please note that depicted content like trademarks, logos, or brands may still be protected by privacy, copyright or trademark rights. You shouldn't imply that the depicted person, brand, trademark, or copyright holder of the depicted work is endorsing or taking part in your product or service. For such uses cases you may need the permission or consent of the depicted third parties.

Our goal with Photo Becho is to create an incredibly simple and fast way for the world to find photos. We want to make it possible for anyone to share their content to the world via us and for the same to be used globally.

You can review and edit your information in Account Details.
Reviewing and editing your account information is simple. First, log into your Shutterstock account with your email/username and password and navigate to My Account Details page by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of the navigation bar. Click on Settings and update your information.

Website Features

Photo Becho makes it easy to discover more images from any artist you love, as well as suggest other similar content.

When you find an image you love, it's natural to want to see more from the artist or other similar images. Photo Becho has a couple of ways you can do this from the image detail page, but not all the options listed below are displayed for all images, as they vary based search and content data.

Similar Photos

You'll find this section of similar images just below the image details. This collection of images comes from different artists, but they are all visually similar to the image you originally selected.

Related Tags

Here you will find additional images from different artist that share similar keywords as the initial image you selected

More From the Same Artist

By clicking on the artist's name below the image, you will be guided to the Artist's profile where you can view all the collection.

Please send all relevant information to [email protected].

If you've found an image in which you're depicted and did not approve and that would like to have removed from our library, please collect all pertinent information and contact us by email at [email protected].

Photo Becho for Brands

In fact we do! Please write to us at [email protected] for more information. Feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected] if something looks interesting.

License + Terms and Conditions

The Photo Becho terms and conditions can be found here.

Here are some basic rules to follow when using Photo Becho content:

  • Identifiable people may not appear in a bad light or in a way that is offensive. This includes, for example, portraying people pictured engaging in criminal activities, suffering from a medical ailment, or in a pornographic context.
  • Attach the concerned release forms if there is an identifiable person/property in the image
  • Don't redistribute or sell the photos on other stock photo or wallpaper platforms.

Find more detailed information about using Photo Becho content here:

Account Management

Scroll down the page until you see the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram username fields. Enter your website URL, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter usernames, and click the Update Profile button.

You can remove or edit these links at any time.

  • Click this link while logged in to your Photo Becho account to go to the Edit Your Profile page.
  • Click the Edit Profile button on your profile page, located in the My Acoount dropdown on the top right on the webpage
  • Go to the profile icon in the app and click on Edit Profile

You certainly can! Ensure that you are signed out of your Photo Becho account, and then click here to request a new password.

  • Click on My Account and go to your profile page , and click on Change Password. Or click here while logged in to Photo Becho to change your password. Enter your current password and your new password. Click on Save.
  • Click on the dropdown icon on the top right of your Photo Becho App and click on Change Password . Click on the link and enter your current password and your new password. Click on Save.