Food and Drink

Gulab Jamun in a plate
Onion pokoda
mix fruits
Black coffee#coffee
Strawberry Fruit
pasta 😄
close up of red chili powder.
close up of a haldi powder.
close up of  haldhi powder.
A cauple of banana on the table
Bakery biscuits .
Bakery biscuits on a plate.
Bakery biscuits on a plate.
bakery biscuits.
Two icecream ❤️🙏
close up of a capsicum.
close up of a vegetabels.
close up of a rice seeds.
Chips in a bowl.
Chole Bhature
Litti Chokha
street Photography
The Love Of Food.
Pompkin In An Agricultural Field .
Special Dish Himachal Pradesh Inadia.