Photo Becho Property Release Requirements

How to fill out a property release

How do you attach a property release to content?

To upload a property release with your content, attach a JPEG release no more than 20 MB in size using the Releases button on the Submit Content page.

Property releases must be designated as a "Property Release" (not a "Model Release") when uploading.

What types of release forms are accepted by Photo Becho?

We recommend using Photo Becho property release forms.

Property release requirements

Contributor information:

a.k.a. photographer, videographer, filmmaker, or artist information

  • Full name
    • This name must match the "Make payments to" name listed in your Photo Becho account whether it's an individual photographer name or a business name.
    • If the contributor account belongs to a business, include the name of the photographer/videographer and the business name (e.g. your full name / ABC Photography or your full name shooting for ABC Photography).
    • If your name has changed since the release was signed, add a note on the release stating that you had a legal name change.
    • Only one contributor is permitted on a release.

Property owner information:

  • Full name (i.e. individual or employee name)
  • Title/position (if applicable)
  • Name of corporation (if applicable)
  • Full address
  • Signature and date
    • The date must match the witness signature date.
Additional Requirements
  • Information may be typed or printed and must be clear, legible, and accurate (signatures cannot be typed).
  • Releases cannot be altered (e.g. correction fluid, correction tape, strikethroughs, digital alterations, etc.)
  • Separate property release is required for each recognizable property in an image or clip (e.g. A recognizable building interior with a painting on a wall requires two property release attachments, one for the room interior and one for the artwork).
  • Multiple releases cannot be submitted in one JPEG file. Each release must be uploaded separately.
  • Releases must be one page only. Releases that are multiple pages are unacceptable.
  • Only Gregorian calendar dates can be used (i.e. March 15, 2015)
  • Date ranges are acceptable for the shoot date only (e.g. March 15-20, 2017)
  • Dates cannot be listed as "various" or "in perpetuity" or other similar phrases
  • Only job titles such as manager, CEO, V.P, etc., should be entered into the property owner's Title/Position field. Title does not refer to the prefix of someone's name (Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc).
  • If you are unable to obtain a property release, you may submit the content for editorial use if the content meets our editorial standards.