Why was my content rejected for Unclear Photo?

Image is not in focus or the focal point is not appropriate for the composition.

If your content was rejected with "Unclear Photo" it is most likely because of one of the following issues:

  • Content is entirely out of focus
  • Content is unintentionally soft
  • Focal point is not on the subject
  • Unintentional motion or camera blur
  • Plane of focus continuously changes due to autofocus (video only)
Examples of unacceptable content:

The image is soft throughout and has no sharp focal point. At minimum, the doorknob and the keyhole should be in sharp focus.

The area of sharp focus is located on the puppy's body, when it should be on its eyes.

Focus is on the bark of the tree when it should be located on the slug's head and optical tentacles.

In this example the focus issue is due to a combination of motion blur (moving subject) and camera shake (slow of a shutter speed).

The clip has a soft focal point that does not meet our standards and is unacceptable.

Examples of acceptable focus :

The depth of field is narrow but the focus point is sharp and is located on the man's eyes where it should be.

The depth of field is very narrow, but the focus is sharp on the front of the ice cream scoop and the ice cream.

We Recommend you to :
  • Keep your hands steady
  • Check your focus, you can either use the right Autofocus settings or can adjust the focus manually
  • Shoot in Good Lighting
  • Clean your Lens
  • Use a Good Lens
  • Check your Shots