Vintage content Submission Guidelines

Vintage content must be accompanied by a property release for commercial and editorial use

Vintage content is images or videos produced between 1930 and 1990. It is not the same as public domain content to which the copyright has lapsed, and which we do not accept. Photo Becho can accept vintage content for commercial or editorial use if it is not in the public domain and only if accompanied by all necessary releases.

Property Release
  • A completed property release is always required for all vintage content, commercial and editorial. This release is necessary to show that you are the copyright owner.
  • If you are the owner of the content by inheritance/gift, please describe how you became the owner in the "Property Description" field of the property release (ie., "My father gave me these photographs before he passed away.")
    • Please note, that ownership of the content is not the same as ownership of copyright. For example, if you purchased the vintage content at a flea market or an estate sale, that does not mean that you own the copyright to that content.
  • Since at this time a property release cannot be attached to editorial content on the Submit Content page, we ask you to email a copy of the release to [email protected] before submitting the image or video for review. After we review the property release we will contact you with further instructions for submission.
  • A thumbnail of the image or clip must be attached to the release. You can submit one release for numerous images/clips as long as you attach all the thumbnails. We recommend attaching no more than 10 thumbnails per one release.
Model Release
  • A model release is required for any recognizable person for commercial vintage content
  • If that person is deceased, the model release needs to be completed and signed by the Next of Kin
    • An ID for the deceased person appearing in the image or video must be attached (if available)
    • An explanation of your relationship to the model in the "Notes/Description of Scene" field must be included
  • The year the image was taken must be included in the title/description.
  • If the exact year is unknown it is acceptable to use CIRCA (Example: "CIRCA 1940: Vintage photograph of a woman standing in the garden")

If you don't understand the reason for the rejection of your images/clips or if you need additional clarification, you can always contact contributor support.